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Nvidia on GeForce RTX 30 supply issues

The popular graphic card maker, NVIDIA released its GeForce RTX 30 is now facing supply issues. The card went Out of Stock several times during their shipment this due to the fact that many gadgets are difficult to get these days. As their demand is increasing high day by day, all thanks to Gamers and PC enthusiasts around the community. Not only the NVIDIA cards have Shortages in their supply but also AMD with its Radeon RX 6000 series are unable to provide sufficient GPUs for their board partners and customers.

However, NVIDIA has acknowledged this issue as the company can't supply sufficient GPUs to its add-in-boards partners due to the increase in demand as its partner Samsung Foundry couldn't provide enough wafers with chips for their GPUs.

Nvidia on GeForce RTX 30 supply issues

NVIDIA CFO, Colette Kress, says "We do have supply constraints and our supply constraints do expand past what we are seeing in terms of wafers and silicon, but yes some constrains are in substrates and components. We continue to work during the quarter on our supply and we believe though that demand will probably exceed supply in Q4 for overall gaming." during Credit Suisse 24th Annual Technology Conference.

Moreover, NVIDIA didn't mention about which component are facing supply issues. But it's confirmed that desktop graphics cards like GeForce RTX 3070/3080/3090 graphics cards are out of stock in the market. Also, the company haven't announced GeForce RTX 30 for laptops yet, meaning we can also face delay in gaming notebooks too.

While GeForce RTX 30-series availability is still a mystery as of now, but according to some reports, the Team Green might able to reveal more information about over the supply issue before the end of its fiscal quarter, which generally happens in late January.