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OnePlus Phones facing random wireless connectivity issues after new OxygenOS update

One of the highly popular custom skin on top of Android, OxygenOS with its recent update rollout users are now experiencing random wireless connectivity issues with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data on their OnePlus Smartphones.

People using OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus Nord, are the ones reporting the issue. According to users, OxygenOS update version 10.3.6 is mainly causing the issue while some users also say that the problem continues with even after later updates.

OnePlus hasn't released any official statement on this issue yet, but with a high amount of users reporting over this issue is a serious concern for the smartphone maker on a much wider scale.

OnePlus users are reporting on almost every online platforms like OnePlus Community, Reddit, and Twitter to address the wireless connectivity issues.

In this issue, users are facing unexpected signal lost while they are on mobile data, connected to a WiFi network or using any Bluetooth Peripheral on their OnePlus Phones. Making users clueless about random disconnections. Earlier in August 2020, some OnePlus Nord users also experienced similar problems over Bluetooth after updating their smartphone with version 10.5.6.AC01DA update.

Source: Reddit

OnePlus after receiving this much complaint from their users it's quite sure the smartphone maker shall be working to fix wireless connectivity issues by releasing a patch in next update or so. Meanwhile, OnePlus Phones in India may assist users to it’s Charging Stations at Airports in India.