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Pixel 4 face unlock is not working again

Google Pixel 4 users are again reporting about problems they’ve been facing because of the “Face unlock” feature. It was just months ago that when the company fixed the previous glitches and now, again they’ve been massively reported with some minor bugs including this face recognition issue in Pixel 4 and 4XL. Also, Google Pixel November update rolled out last week.

If you’ve been dealing with the same problems, then you too would have a lock screen message popping at the top of the screen asking you to “clear the top of the screen”, Face recognition is not working no matter how spotless the area is, simply restarting your device is only the temporary solution left.

Back to November 2019, when there were rumours flooding about Google Pixel XL‘s face unlock not working majority of the users didn’t raise queries. But, soon after updating Pixel 4 with its December’s security patch there were numerous issues reported about the face recognition not working properly which included basically two types of error that say "Can't verify face. Hardware not available", the other gave the response with "Can't verify face. Try again”, along with some minor bugs. And, sadly even the latest January security patch failed to solve this problem.