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Pokémon Go Beyond Levels update; Increase in Level cap, Intros Seasons and Kalos Region

Pokemon Go is getting new features like Increase in Level cap, Intros Seasons and Kalos Region as the company plans to release a big update on November 30, 2020. Pokemon Go has seen remarkable growth this year despite the Covid Pandemic, as most of the players are still seen in their homes.

The company behind Pokémon Go Beyond, Niantic Inc., said the big update named Go Beyond Levels and is aimed to increase the level cap, replace in-game events with Seasons, and add Pokemons from the Kalos region. Earlier, the players can only hit to the Level 40 cap and are stuck at this rank forever and prior to the update players can have a chance to upgrade to a Level 50 Trainer.

"In addition to the updates to XP and Trainer levelling outlined above, you can also look forward to updates regarding encountering and catching Pokémon, Adventure Sync, Buddy Adventure, Field Research, Gifts, and more. We’ll provide more information once these changes go live during the week of November 30, 2020!," mentioned in Pokémon GO blog post.

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Pokémon Go Beyond update

Developer at Niantic also plans to packs Seasons to offer challenging content and new features to players. The seasons will sequence every 3 months with the Pokemon spawn rate, eggs, and Mega evolution will be included in these seasons. Pokémon GO will also take care of which hemisphere players are located in to make relatable creatures appear in the wild. The update shall also add Adventure Sync, gifts, and eggs among other things, will roll out on November 30, 2020.