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PowerToys for Windows 10 updated with new features by Microsoft

The opensource Microsoft's PowerToys for Windows 10 gets updated with new features. The update contains a new interface for built-in image resizer, Color Picker, along with the usual bug fixes. Powertoys is a very nifty tool to maximize productivity adding some tweaks to the Windows 10 operating systems.

Microsoft brings new and improved Color Picker Tool with Fluent UI on to the table. The Color Picker uses drop shadows for better contrast and users can now also pick a different shade of colour by clicking on the smaller rectangles.

Powertoys Color Picker Tool

Moreover, the “Image Resizer” that allows users to resize images and reduce their size in bulk gets revamped user-friendly interface update bringing Windows 10’s Fluent UI. The update also adds support for themes baked into the Image Resizer feature. After updating users get an enhanced option to resize the selected images by choosing the prebuilt preset sizes i.e. Small, Medium, Large, Phone and Custom. Users can customize the default sizes for the default preset. It is expected that Microsoft PowerToys may get macOS-like find cursor feature on Windows 10.

Powertoys Image Resizer

Changelog for this new update v0.27.0 are:

  • General
    • Installer improvements including dark mode
    • Large sums of accessibility issues fixed.
    • Worked on localization effort.
  • Color Picker
    • Updated interface and new editor experience
  • FancyZones
    • Multi-monitor editor experience now drastically improved for discoverability.
    • Zones being forgotten on restart
    • Added in ability to have no layout
  • Image Resizer
    • Updated interface
  • PowerToys Run
    • Removed unused dependencies
  • PowerRename
    • Added Lookbehind support via Boost library

If you wish to try PowerToys simply head over to Microsoft’s Github page.