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Pravaig Extinction made-in-India luxury EV offers 500-km range

The Indian automotive sector is ready for its first long-range electric car. Bangalore-based Pravaig Dynamics unveils its first EV, the Extinction Mk1, in the national capital on December 4.

Bengaluru-based Pravaig Dynamics has concocted its first local electric vehicle that vows to venture up the EV game in India. A totally made in India, in front of dispatch sometime one year from now.

There are some tall cases that are set to cause a commotion of a portion of the other EV makers in India, just as those abroad. Think about this: An electric vehicle with a scope of in excess of 500 km in single charge? Volkswagen ID.3 can scarcely do 500 km yet. Tesla Model 3 execution variation asserts a scope of 507 km in a solitary charge. In India, the EV with the most elevated reach is Hyundai Kona EV with an asserted scope of 452 km. MG ZS EV, which has a reach 340 km, is as yet in the process to move up to a scope of 500 km. Indeed, even the recently dispatched Mercedes EQC has a scope of only 350 km.

Pravaig unveils Made in India luxury EV with 500-km range
The Extinction MK1 offers more than 500 km of range in a single charge.

The car gets power from its 96 kHz battery that can produce 200 hp of maximum power and a top speed of 196 kmph. It can sprint from zero to 100 kmph in just 5.4 seconds.

The two-entryway, four-seater electric vehicle will be fundamentally utilized for business armadas on a membership-based model. Pravaig is meaning to deliver around 250 units of the Extinction MK1 consistently. It will be at first sold in urban communities like Bengaluru and Delhi before the EV startup includes more urban communities the rundown.