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Shell E4 plans to engage with 25-30 Indian start-ups annually from 2022

Royal Dutch Shell PLC, is an Anglo-Dutch multinational oil and gas company. The company is commonly known as Shell. The headquarter is present in the Netherlands and consolidated in England. It is one of the first oil companies to be at such a large scale and be one of the top companies in the world. In fact, it was measured to be the third-largest company in the world in 2018.

Shell India is undergoing a process wherein they would be engaging or supporting 25-30 start-ups every year from 2022. The name is the program is E4. The aim of this program is to help them scale their business.

The various modules put forward by Shell for E4 are linking talent, technology, capital and know-how to give a kick start to India's shift to sustainable energy-powered country. The mission of E4 is to help energy-related start-ups to help them become profitable, sustainable and significantly impactful organizations. 

The objectives of E4 are as follows 

    1. To give a boost to the energy-related startups in India's market. 
    2. Offering the startup world-class knowledge and support.
    3. The program is oriented in such a way that gives insight into long term planning and thinking.
    4. Help startups find investors and give them exposure to foreign investors. And their market patterns 

Shell E4 is thought through to suit the lively Banglore ecosystem. The location is known as the Shell Technology Centre Bengaluru (STCB).

Shell in the last three years have been able to engage with 30 start-ups and have supported them passionately with investments and mentoring at Shell campus's located in India.

The company not only provides funds of around $20,000 to all the selected start-ups but also facilitates additional funding with the help of their partners. All this is accompanied by training and make the start-ups commercially compactable.

The company started a program with a focus on energy but has expanded commitment in the field of mobility resolutions, energy IoT applications, digital logistics, fresh technology solutions etc.