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Skype Together Mode and Large Grid features is now live

In the latest version offered by Microsoft for its video conferencing app, Skype gets Together Mode option. This new feature is taken straight away from Microsoft Teams, which allows all participants during the video conference showing in them physically shared space instead of via a traditional grid view. Skype 8.67 version also bring Bug fixes and stability improvement on Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web version of the app.

Skype Together Mode viewing option feature is now live
Skype Together Mode

Apart from Together mode, the Skype App also bring Large Grid Mode a feature already present on Microsoft Teams as well to display up to 49 video meeting participants at once on a single screen. While in Together Mode users get an auditorium view alongside other visual spaces like a coffee shop and more using AI segmentation technology to make the feature work.

Skype Together Mode viewing option feature is now live
Skype Large Grid Mode

Here is the changelog for Skype 8.67 update across all platforms

    • Introduction to Together Mode
    • Option to add someone to an ongoing Skype call by their phone number as well as via Skype
    • Added more predefined backgrounds and more background categories
    • Meet Now is integrated with Windows 10
    • Includes support for Chat Bubbles, Priority Conversations, and Conversation Space on Android
    • Bug fixes and stability improvements like preventing Mac from automatic sleep, Videos in chat freeze on the first frame, JavaScript error when trying to run Skype on Windows servers, Video freezes when typing a message during a call

Microsoft has said the new update will be rolling out in upcoming days. However, both Skype and Microsoft Teams comes with Microsoft Office Suite Apps. But the company is making both the apps indistinguishable with exactly the same feature on both of the apps while making Microsoft Teams more stable and handy to use.