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Some Cool Tech Products Under Rs. 1000 that are worth checking out

If you are in search of some cool tech products today we are checking some of the cool and kind of best gadgets and accessories under Rs. 1000. Do note that price may vary or product may get out of stock.

Targus Tablet Lap Lounge

The first product on our list is the lap lounge now which is priced at around Rs. 1000 and it offers a comfortable way to view content or use your tablet while sitting on your couch or in a comfortable place.

This can hold up to a 10-inch tablet and also has a loop to hold a stylus or an apple pencil if you're using an iPad this also has a comfortable pocket on the front to hold any accessories or chargers that you may want and the bottom features a really soft cushion that allows you to hold the tablet on your lap without making it uncomfortable at the top of the lap lounge is an extendable tablet holder which can hold your tablet vertically or horizontally and can also be angled at an optimum viewing angle so that it's comfortable to use it with your tablet if you're looking for something like this, then you can buy this Lap Lounger using the link below.

Targus Tablet Lap Lounge - Buy Now

Universal Phone KickStand

The next product on our list is the Spigen universal kickstand now as the name suggests it's a smartphone kickstand that allows you to put your phone up in a horizontal or a vertical fashion and this works with mostly any surfaces as long as they're not fabric or leather now you can prop this directly on the back of your phone but it is recommended that you put it on the back of your case so that you don't damage your phone in any way.

So it has an adhesive backing on the back of the stand and you can simply remove the plastic packaging and install it onto your case and then you have a kickstand anywhere you go this has a really good build quality and can hold up phones really well and the adhesive on the back is also of really high quality for a price of Rs. 799. It's definitely pricey compared to some of the other options available but this one is also definitely worth the price.

Universal Phone KickStand - Buy Now

Bluetooth TWS Speaker

Coming up next on our list is a portable Bluetooth speaker priced at Rs 999. This is a pretty impressive speaker that offers excellent battery life and a really good sound. It also comes with a hook that allows you to attach it to your bag or anything that you may want to hang it. It's got a really nice build quality and a good sound and also has a rubberized finish for a nice rugged look but the beauty of this is that it can also be paired with another speaker and can become a combo of stereo speakers anywhere that you want to go.

Both of them will still be wireless both of them will still be battery powered but they will behave like a left speaker and a right speaker and this is a really cool functionality you can also get them in different colours like a black, as well as a blue both of them, cost Rs. 999 and definitely with the combined sound they're pretty impressive offering up eight hours of battery life and Bluetooth 5.0 for easy connectivity with all the new devices this is something that I definitely liked and if you're in the market for some interesting speakers that you can buy one today and expand into a stereo pair maybe later on.

Bluetooth TWS Speaker - Buy Now

Laptop Sleeve

Now next up on our list is the zippered laptop sleeve. Now this is priced at around Rs 1000 and is available in a whole host of colours and prints which you can go pick from a variety of colours and prints.

This one has a really high-quality zipper and a ballistic nylon exterior it can hold up to a 15-inch laptop and has a polyester lining on the inside a really good quality case if you're looking for a laptop case for a thousand rupees this one is definitely recommended you can buy this using the link below.

Laptop Sleeve - Buy Now

Calculator + NumPad

Coming up on the list is a calculator that also doubles up as a wireless Numpad for your laptop or your desktop. This is a really cool accessory to have because by day you can use it as a calculator for basic calculations on your desk but then you can also plug in the USB dongle.

If you're looking for a Numpad on your desk this is a really cool accessory to have if you have a Tenkeyless keyboard this fits in perfectly and also works great for those compact modern laptops that don't have a Numpad the keys are nice and big and easy to press definitely a comfortable accessory. If you do a lot of calculations if you do a lot of number entry this wireless Numpad will definitely come in handy for that go check this out using the link below.

Calculator + Num Pad - Buy Now

Rechargeable Bunny Desk Fan

Following up on the list is rechargeable desk fan. Another a cute prop accessory that also doubles up as a fan has an inbuilt battery and three speeds that allow you to control the speed of the fan it's priced relatively low.

It's made very well of high-quality materials and is a cool desk accessory to have especially with the summer around the corner this will definitely come in handy on your desk if you liked the product buy it using the link below.

Rechargeable Bunny Desk Fan - Buy Now

Mi RGB Bulb

The cool product up on our list for the price of Rs 799 is the MI LED Bulb. Now this one is a smart led bulb that controls from the MI App but apart from just being yellow or a white this one has 16 million colour options and is also compatible with Amazon's Alexa and the Google Assistant.

So you can change the colour of the bulb to your liking this is great for mood lighting or if you're having some sort of a party or just listening to music this can pair with that and give you some really nice light effects. You can get a bunch of these and light up your entire house and use them as a standard white bulb by day and mood lighting by night definitely something worth investing in, do check it out.

Mi RGB Bulb - Buy Now

Car Vent Phone Mount

Coming to the next product on the list is a magnetic phone holder just priced at Rs 549. This plugs into the car vent and has a very strong magnet on the front that allows you to hold your phone after you insert a metal plate inside the cover. This is a really cool accessory to have if you want an easy access phone holder on your car and don't like using sticky tape or double-sided tape.

The material and the build quality of this is really nice it's made out of aluminium and is of really good quality and the magnets are pretty strong as well definitely do check this out if you're looking for something like this.

Car Vent Phone Mount - Buy Now

Desk Leather Tray

Now next up on our list is a Desk Organizer. This is made out of vegan leather but mimics real leather. It also works as a functional desk mat because you can flatten it out but once you fold it up it can hold all your tech accessories and is a great tray for your desk to hold your phone, your wallet or even a power bank with some cables just to organize the desk and give it some accent it's definitely not a tech accessory but a desk accessory.

This one is really high quality and is a price relatively low at just Rs 899 do check this out if you are willing to buy one.

Desk Leather Tray - Buy Now

Type C USB Hub

The last product on our list is a USB-C hub that converts a single USB-C port into multiple ports. One it converts a USB-C port into a USB a port and this allows you to connect your USB-A accessories it also gives you two card readers a full-size SD card reader and a micro SD card reader as well. Then it also gives you a micro-USB input that allows you to charge your newer devices with older cables.

So if you have a micro-USB charger lying around you can simply use a micro-USB charger to charge your newer USB-C phone. This USB-C hub can work with phones as well as tablets and can also work with PCs as well as on Macs with USB-c ports so anything that you want to add more capability to this will work for that and it's a relatively low price for just Rs 765. You may check this out if you're in the market for something like this.

Type C USB Hub - Buy Now

And that completes our list for some of the cool and kind of best gadgets and accessories under Rs. 1000.