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Sony PS5s Being Stolen from moving delivery Trucks

Criminals Gangs in the United Kingdom are now targeting moving delivery truck to steal the new Play Station 5 it sounds quite similar to a movie plot. This is happening due to shortage of Play Station 5 all thanks to the Covid Pandemic, customers are disappointed as they are facing delays to purchase the gaming console.

According to a report by The Times, PS5s, TVs, cosmetics, cell phones, and cigarettes are being stolen by these Criminals Gangs. The robbery of these items has been reported around 27 times this year in the UK. 

The robbers are blocking the delivery trucks by cars one to the front, one to the rear, and one to the side to prevent overtaking. In the meantime, one of the thieves climbs the delivery trucks with the help of a rope. Afterwhich they open the rear doors of the truck stealing the packages by throwing back to the cars.

Earlier in November this year, a similar robbery happened where Apple Products worth $6.7 million (£5 million) were stolen where thieves captured the driver and escaped taking the packages. While in October a truck carrying $182,600 (£136,000) of televisions were mugging injuring the truck drivers.

As of now, getting a PS5 is quite difficult for customers alongside Nvidia on GeForce RTX 30. First, the supplies are limited and second the "rollover" technique being used by the criminal gangs to steal PS5 consoles illegally. Moreover, both retailers and delivery companies will need to solve this issue asap.