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Spider-Man Miles Morales adds new features with the Latest Patch Update

Since the launch of Spider-Man: Miles Morales alongside Sony Playstation 5 which has accomplished to become a grand hit for Insomniac Games. The company released an update with version number 1.04 which fixes some stability issues for the game, that has brought slight changes to the game, both major and minor.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Update 1.04 Changelog

  • General Updates

    • Added option to change weather during post-game
  • Accessibility Updates

    • Added subtitle option for black text with white background
  • General Fixes & Polish
    • Improved stability
    • Performance improvements
    • Various additional fixes

This update can't be said to be a big update as the developer company, Insomniac Games didn't make any official announcement in this regard. The update further brings the overall stability along with players to change the weather in the game. It worth noting that the weather of a location will only be changed after completing the story mode of the game. Furthermore, the subtitles settings have also been updated as the players get the option of generating subtitles with black text on a white background. Apparently, a bug has been reported by the players that Spidey character of Miles Morales to turn into a brick or a frozen puddle and result-in the game to crash just after, but its sure developers at Insomniac Games will fix this bug with the next update.