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Spotify 2020 Wrapped Offers Insights on Your Listening Habits for the Year

Spotify, for its users, has launched the Spotify 2020 Wrapped. This new feature provides a glance at their listening patterns from the past 11 months.

This year, Spotify has added six new features for 2020 Wrapped. On Android and iOS, it is unique to the Spotify mobile app and offers insights into the artists, albums, styles, and podcasts a user has listened to last year. For the 2020 edition of Wrapped, there are a couple of unique additions, such as quizzes, Story of Your 2020 function, deep dive into podcasts, new badges, customized playlists, and Wrapped.

Spotify launches Wrapped for its users every year so they can reflect back on their experience of music for the year. It provides insight into the artists the users have heard the most, and the music they have indulged with the most and how many times, your favourite genre, podcasts, and more.

Furthermore, based on the kind and genre of music they stream, Spotify Premium users will be given titles or badges. In addition, the users' top songs will be collated by the new customized playlists feature, as well as 'Missed hits'-songs suggested by Spotify from 2020 that the users might have missed out on but would likely prefer.

Spotify Wrapped is also available to Spotify non-users. It will reveal most of the streamed artists, most of the songs played top self-care playlists, and the world's most listened to a decade.