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Spotify gets listed on Epic Games Store

The famous online music streaming app, Spotify gets listed on Epic Games Store, making it the first nongaming app on the store itself. It seems that Epic Game is on road to make their own App Store alongside Game Store after the dispute from Apple 30% cut.

Epic Games Store tweeted recently that users can now download Spotify onto their computer through Epic Games Store’s downloader both on Windows or macOS machine. However, an official from Epic Games said that they haven't made any deal with Spotify to list the app on their platform and no money is involved what so ever. Moreover, Epic won’t get its fixed 12% cut from any Spotify Premium subscriptions. The company is a way to transition its platform into a true app platform allowing users to download games as well as an app like Spotify.

This move from Epic Games can give tough competition to Apple App Store and Google's Play store as both these platform charge a commission over the purchase which is around 30% for Apple and around 15% for Google. While Epic Games hasn't charged any money from Spotify while the platform takes 12% cut on games which may result in more friendly to developers to publish their apps and games on Epic Game Store.

Earlier in September this year, Epic Games filed a lawsuit for removing Fortnite from App Store and Playstore to avoid the commission over the purchase fees on the store with direct payments.