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Spotify Premium Mini Subscription Brings Discounts to Daily, Weekly Plans

In India, Spotify updated its daily and weekly Premium plans and now terms them Premium Mini. The two plans were discounted to Rs. 7 per day and Rs. 25 per week respectively. Premium Mini plans are available only for users of smartphone and tablet apps and operate on only one device.

Spotify says users can only extend their daily and weekly plans for up to three months in total. The Premium Mini plans provide consumers with some of the benefits of the Rs. 119 a month Premium Individual plan.

For up to three months, Spotify users can extend their 'Premium Mini' plans. But the downloaded music will be deleted any time a subscription expires and users will have to re-download it after topping it up.

Spotify brought back discounts last month on its annual plan, which is currently available for Rs. 999 rather than the usual Rs. 1,189 as it has been since last year's service came to India. At Rs. 119 a month, the Premium Individual plan still costs the same and you get three months free with it.

Spotify Premium Mini Subscription Brings Discounts

Duo plans start at Rs. 149 with a one-month free trial and are valid for two accounts. Family plans for up to six accounts are valid and come with a free one-month trial at Rs. 179.