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Super Nintendo World to open its gates on February 4, with Mario kart as the star attraction

The much anticipated 'Super Nintendo World', a Nintendo theme park will open its gates from February 4 which was due to open in the summer but the coronavirus pandemic put brakes on it.

Universal Studio Japan and Nintendo have given much-awaited fans about the details of one of the park’s flagship attractions: a Mario Kart-themed rollercoaster. It’s housed inside a Bowser’s castle and makes use of AR and projection mapping technology, with each riders donning Mario-cap shape AR headsets. Bloomberg got an early peek inside the theme park. The ride itself is on rails, each kart has a steering wheel and the AR technology will let visitors to “compete” against each other.

To edge past other people, visitors can collect virtual coins via a wristband while roaming the park with a Switch console. Moreover, Guests can fling the swords they seize from the item box to fend off the enemy and compete for first place with Mario and Princess Peach to advance in the course of the race.

Super Nintendo World to open its gates on 4th February

According to reports, the Nintendo-themed park seemed a little small for a lot of visitors to come in during the pandemic. Although the construction of the Donkey Kong area is set the get expanded. The opening of the theme park will be closely observed as many theme parks across the world have been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.