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Tooter Swadeshi Twitter replacement Launched

Tooter is a new platform for social media that seems to be gaining momentum because it is "Swadeshi" or made in India. Tooter is noticeably modelled after the microblogging site Twitter, as the name implies. However, the white-and-blue colour scheme interface is a bit of a cross-over between Facebook and Twitter.

The platform approaches the similar functionality as Twitter, where a user can build a profile with an email address and @username, follow other accounts, read posts from other accounts either through a feed, or configure groups and lists. Instead of tweets, its posts are called toots.

Tooter has a mobile application as well as a Google Play Store Android version, but as of now, it is absent from the App Store for iOS users.

"We believe there should be a Swadeshi social network in India. Without one, we're just an American Twitter India Company digital colony, no different from what we were under the British East India Company", the About Tooter page reads.

The platform is named "Swadeshi Andolan 2.0" on Tooter's introductory sign-up page. The platform also features a verified account of our Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. Moreover, we at gave a try on the site by creating an account, after creating an account you will automatically be following CEO (@Nanda), a bot account with username @News.

Apparently only Gmail and Yahoo email users can only get registered onto the platform as of now. The new Social Media platform was created back in June of 2020 under the AtmaNirbhar Initiative and is gaining huge popularity now.