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Waresix acquires Trukita to associate more of Indonesia’s fragmented logistics chain

Waresix, one of Indonesia’s biggest logistics startup, has acquired Trukita, a company that centres on the “first mile”. The term refers to the part of the supply chain where items are shipped to warehouses from ports.

Trukita was founded in 2017, and Astra International, EverHaüs and Plug and Play are among its investors. The dynamic logistics landscape of Indonesia has given rise to startups such as Waresix, Kargo and Ritase, which concentrate on eliminating intermediaries, managing shipments in real-time and using data analytics to discover supply chain inefficiencies.

Trukita gets acquired by Waresix

Waresix, which recently announced that it has increased $100 million funding from shareholders such as EV raise, Jungle Ventures and SoftBank Ventures Asia over the past year, operates in Indonesia with more than 375 warehouses along with 40,000 trucks. At present, it provides service in more than 100 cities.

Although all aspects of the supply and logistics chain are digitized by the Waresix platform, its current focus is on mid-mile logistics services or transportation from warehouses to distributors. Trukita has an extended network of over 10,000 trucks, and the combination of the two companies means it is “now one of the largest logistics technology providers in Indonesia,” said Andree Susanto, co-founder and CEO Waresix.