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We will temporarily suspend Windows 10 drivers updates, says Microsoft

Windows update setting is one of the best ways to quickly view all the new updates available while the importance of days gets automatically downloaded without the user's permission.

After every 10 months, Microsoft releases communicative and driver updates for all supported versions of Windows 10. The driver updates are made to ensure that your computer hardware is compatible with the upcoming updates. Any driver that is pending review will not be approved and released to any of the Windows users before this month. It has been made very clear from Microsoft. The expected reason is the minimal operation during holidays and being known for accuracy Microsoft don't want to give untested drivers to its users.

If you still want to download the versions prior you can switch to Intel or Nvidia's download page and download the updates manually you can also opt for offline installers and use "drive manager" to update devices without getting help from Windows update.

Just to clarify, preview updates and driver updates are paused for the month of December 2020 only. And will rollout just like regular updates in January 2021 after Microsoft’s engineers are back on work.