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WhatsApp rolled out Disappearing Messages feature

The popular Instant Messaging App, WhatsApp rolled out it's highly demanded "Disappearing Messages' feature. After you enable this feature, messages will delete automatically after a seven day period. According to WhatsApp, disappearing messages will be available across Android, iOS, KaiOS, Web, and Desktop Apps.

We’re starting with 7 days because we think it offers peace of mind that conversations aren’t permanent, while remaining practical so you don’t forget what you were chatting about. The shopping list or store address you received a few days ago will be there while you need it, and then disappear after you don’t,mentioned in the WhatsApp blog post.

As soon as the user enables Disappearing Messages feature, new messages sent in the individual or group chat will disappear after seven days. WhatsApp also said that the message preview for disappearing messages shall appear in the notification shade until the user opens the app. Beyond that, WhatsApp is also developing a Vacation Mode Feature.

Disappearing messages feature will also delete photos and videos after seven days, and while messages will disappear for on both sides. User can still take screenshots or simply copy messages before they are automatically deleted.

WhatsApp rolled out Disappearing Messages feature

How to enable or disable WhatsApp Disappearing messages feature:

Enabling WhatsApp Disappearing messages feature:

  • Open the WhatsApp chat
  • Tap the contact’s name
  • Tap Disappearing messages
  • If prompted, tap CONTINUE
  • Select On

Disabling WhatsApp Disappearing messages feature:

  • Open the WhatsApp chat.
  • Tap the contact’s name.
  • Tap Disappearing messages.
  • If prompted, tap CONTINUE.
  • Select Off.

Do keep in mind that if the Disappearing Messages feature is on. You cannot customize the time period after which the messages will be deleted.