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Why you should delete Your WhatsApp right now

Since Facebook-owned WhatsApp introduced its new Privacy Policy, the app received a huge backlash from users and media outlets, with this context WhatsApp delayed the Privacy Policy update. Why should I care about privacy if I have nothing to hide?

But from May 15, 2021, the WhatsApp privacy policy will go into effect, and this time Facebook is getting evil to force its users to accept the new Privacy Policy by hook or crook. In a statement, Whatsapp spokesperson said to Android Central that users who haven’t accepted the new policy will have “limited account functionality” in the app on May 15.

For an end-user, it'll feel like everything's fine and not accepting the privacy policy and won't create any issues but you know what there is a twist see WhatsApp's faq page makes it pretty clear that WhatsApp has this whole plan set up to force users to accept this new privacy policy and that's kind of where the evil lies.

Let me describe you, so here's what WhatsApp plans to do. If you don't accept the privacy policy by May 15, WhatsApp will gradually start to remind you to accept the policy and if you don't accept it you will get an annoying persistent reminder to accept it. Now if you decline the request WhatsApp will start limiting the functionality on your WhatsApp account like you'll be able to accept audio and video calls and you'll be able to respond to messages from the notification centre only but you won't be able to access the whole chat list in the app.

Delete WhatsApp right now
Source: WhatsApp FAQ Page

Basically, you won't be able to access any of your chats or group chats after a few weeks of this limited functionality if you still don't accept the policy you won't be able to receive incoming calls or notifications and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone. Substantially, Whatsapp will become a useless app on your phone until you accept this privacy policy.

To summarize, WhatsApp's plan is to slowly push users out of its app until and unless one accepts this new privacy policy.

But should you accept WhatsApp's Privacy Policy?

Let me answer, as soon as you accept the new Privacy Policy Facebook-owned WhatsApp will start collecting the information listed below from your phone as you allowed the app to do so.

Delete WhatsApp right now
Source: Apple App Store

These data will be used to serve targeted ads across Facebook-owned apps like Instagram, Messenger, Facebook. According to some reports, WhatsApp is planning to display ads on the app itself in form of Status Story similar to Sponsored Story in Instagram.

In my opinion, you should not accept the privacy policy and straight away delete your WhatsApp account as recently 96% of Users Leave App Tracking Disabled introduced in iOS 14.5 in order to tackle data tracking on different apps and in my previous article I described how Android collects 20× more user data than iOS devices.

Now, the choice is yours if you want to give away your valuable data to Facebook in order to track you and make money or switch to safer alternatives like Signal or Telegram, as these apps respect their user's privacy always. You can also Move Chat from WhatsApp to Telegram on iOS and Android.