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Windows 10 New Update Removes Adobe Flash Player

A new Windows 10 update that will facilitate the uninstalling of Adobe Flash Player from all the Windows system has now been released by Microsoft.

The Redmond giant observes that it can not be uninstalled until this update is applied.

Microsoft announced earlier on December 31, that Adobe Flash Player would go out of support, and thereby has started undertaking all the initial steps before Flash falls down the final curtain.

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Once Adobe Flash Player support is terminated; reportedly at the end of the year; this update aims to help users test and verify for impact.

If users need to reinstall Adobe Flash Player again, their Windows client would need to be reset to an earlier restore point on the system. This function must be specifically allowed and it is important to build a System Restore Point on your Windows computer before installing this update. Another solution is reinstalling the Windows operating system, but the optional upgrade does not apply this time around.