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Windows 10 update fixes a memory leak bug as well as problems with the Your Phone app

Microsoft has begun testing a new cumulative update in the Release Preview and Beta Channels that will fix various memory leak issues in Windows 10. Microsoft is also correcting a problem that stopped users from accessing Your Phone app-based Android apps, in addition to performance enhancements.

Apps take up a block of RAM in every operating system to handle their operations, functions, and so on. When an app's memory block is no longer required, it's usually released. A memory leak can occur in some cases, with only a portion of the occupied memory being released.

Users of Windows 10 recently found a flaw in which the ctfmon.exe mechanism refuses to release the RAM block used by its applications. The ctfmon.exe method is commonly used in apps that need "Alternative User Input," such as pen, voice, or keyboard inputs.

The memory leak problem in ctfmon.exe is addressed in Build 19043.1023, a new version available for testing in the preview channels. When users refreshed an app with an editable tray, a memory leak was discovered. Another memory leak bug related to the security function "PKU2U" has been fixed.

Last month, Microsoft released the October 2020 Update, May 2020 Update, and May 2021 Update for Windows 10, which discussed high CPU use.

Issues with Microsoft's Your Phone app have been resolved

The new preview cumulative update also addresses issues with Microsoft's Your Phone app, which seeks to close the gap between the Windows and Android worlds.

Last year, the Your Phone app was modified to provide support for "phone users." This feature allows you to run Android apps on your desktop in the same way that Windows apps do.

Microsoft fixed a problem that prevented some users from opening apps that were pinned to the taskbar in the most recent update. Users recorded this problem after upgrading to the most current edition of Windows 10.

Another similar issue has been resolved, in which when you pin Progressive Web App (PWA) icons to the taskbar, they appear as blank.

These improvements will be included in the Patch Tuesday update in June.