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Windows Terminal Gets Windowing improvements, more With Version 1.7

Microsoft releases Windows Terminal Preview 1.7 adding some nifty features like Windowing improvements, JSON fragment extensions support, read-only panes, and more as mentioned in a blog post on Microsoft DevBlogs. Users can install both Windows Terminal and Windows Terminal Preview from the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub releases page on their Windows 10 Machine.

What’s new on Windows Terminal 1.7

Here are the bunch of features added on Windows Terminal Preview 1.7:

JSON fragment extensions

JSON fragment extensions are now officially supported on this update that can change the settings of the experience. Users can download snippets of JSON extensions that can modify a user’s settings. This feature is useful while launching an app, the application can apply a particular background or colour scheme. Full documentation on how to create a JSON fragment extension can be found on the official docs site.

Windowing Improvements

Users can now set new terminal windows to launch in an already existing terminal instance! This can be done in a few several ways:

One can do this by adding a new windowingBehavior setting, that allows the user to set new instances of the terminal launch. These options include a new window (useNew), an already existing window (useAnyExisting), and an already existing window on this desktop (useExisting).

Courtesy: Microsoft

These setting can be found on the Startup page of the settings UI.

"windowingBehavior": "useNew"

Windows Terminal Preview 1.7 release adds a new newWindow action to open a new window with the command palette or keyboard.

{ "command": "newWindow", "keys": "ctrl+shift+n" }

Also, there is a new command argument for running commands on specific windows. Like, the --window,-w <window-id> with wt.exe can be used to specify which terminal window you want to interact with.

Read-only panes

The new update for Windows Terminal Preview 1.7 also includes read-only pane support, that prevents input into a pane during specific scenarios where users don't want interruptions.

If a user attempt to close or input text into a read-only pane, the app will display a warning instead. User can enable or disable the read-only mode on a pane with the toggleReadOnlyMode action.

{ "command": "toggleReadOnlyMode" },

Focus on mouse hover

Version 1.7 of Windows Terminal Preview also brings a new setting to focus a pane when hovering over with the mouse automatically.

This new option is available on the “Interaction” settings page, or user can configure it in their settings.json with focusFollowMouse.

"focusFollowMouse": true

Settings UI updates

Microsoft is actively working on improving the settings UI experience. Here are some updates with this release:

Settings UI is now default

The settings UI is now attached to the Settings button in the dropdown menu, making it the default experience for those using Windows Terminal Preview. If you’d like to use the keyboard to access your settings, here are the shortcuts that come with the terminal by default:

    • Open the settings UI: Ctrl+,
    • Open the settings.json file: Ctrl+Shift+,
    • Open the defaults.json file (cannot be edited, but shows which settings are enabled by default): Ctrl+Alt+,

Although the Settings interface still in work, therefore not every setting is available through the settings UI just yet.

Miscellaneous improvements

    • The tab switcher now displays the zoom, bell, and progress indicators (Thanks @Don-Vito!).
    • The terminal now supports paste filtering and bracketed paste mode (Thanks @skyline75489!).
    • The bell indicator will always appear in the tab when the BEL sequence is emitted.
    • Hyperlinks now support the file URI scheme.

Bug fixes

    • Hyperlinks now de-underline when the pane is not focused (Thanks @Don-Vito!).
    • The tab colour picker now supports keyboard navigation (Thanks @BenConstable9!).
    • You can once again use arrow keys in the tab switcher (Thanks @Don-Vito!).
    • Focus should now return to the terminal after you dismiss the tab rename field (thanks @Don-Vito!).

For your information, Windows Terminal 1.7 is now available as a preview with the new features mentioned above and several bug fixes, and you can download it from the Microsoft Store or GitHub.