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XDA Developers made their first phone that can run on LineageOS and Ubuntu

Folks at XDA were very excited to announce their first smartphone that can run both LineageOS based on Android and Ubuntu operating system. Earlier this year, XDA partnered with F(x)tec to discuss how they can bring an alternative platform to a wider audience. According to XDA, The F(x)tec Pro1-X does just this: it’s the world’s first phone to run LineageOS out of the box, and you can also get a version running Ubuntu Touch OS.

Most Popular Software choice

Lineage Os born from the ashes of CyanogenMod began in the XDA community, and the developers at XDA helped to maintain and expand the OS reach to several smartphones.

Now, there’s more than just two options: the Pro1-X doesn’t only run LineageOS; there are also variants available running Ubuntu Touch OS and Android, and XDA is actively exploring other platforms as well.


Key Specs

The smartphone Pro1-X comes with 6 GB RAM and 128GB to 8GB and 256GB respectively. The featured colour of the device as per pictures seems Blue and XDA calls it Discovery Blue colour and it looks fabulous!

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It also features Physical QWERTY keyboard that slides out from beneath the display, The Pro1-X is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SOC, a fingerprint scanner, a dedicated camera button, USB-C, and HDMI out, Dual SIM support, and lot more. It houses an 8 MP front camera and a 12MP Primary Sensor with a 5MP secondary camera.

For more in-depth detail watch this video from FX Technology