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Xfce's May 2021 Apps Update provides Thunar, Mousepad and more

New releases of Thunar, Mousepad, Xfce Settings, Xfce Panel, Xfce Screenshooter, and more are included in May 2021. According to 9to5linux's Xfce's apps update summary.

Xfce, which is still one of the lightest, most customisable, and current desktop environments for Linux-based operating systems, had a terrific month in May. This month's star is the well-known Thunar file manager, which has received three stable and two development releases.

In an endeavour to make Thunar more stable, safe, and dependable, the stable releases boost the version number to 4.16.8 for the Xfce 4.16 series, providing various bug fixes for crashes, regressions, or security issues. The two development releases, on the other hand, introduced a slew of new features and enhancements that will be included in the future Xfce 4.18 release.

Among these, support for the custom date style options "Today" and "Yesterday," renaming the sending menu item "Create Shortcut" into "Add Bookmark," a new way of focusing on the window when opening the new tab of the folder, a new refreshing button for the toolbar, file creation column and updates to the bulk renamer, ability to sort items by dates removed and upgraded.

This month, the Mousepad text editor was updated to version 0.5.5, which includes support for plugins, a new GSpell plugin, a new command-line option to open the preferences dialogue, a.desktop file to make Mousepad appear in Xfce Settings, support for -ve line and column values in the “Go to” location, and the ability to change the font size.

New versions of the Xfce Settings and Panel components, both of which received various bug fixes and updated translations, as well as a new release of xfce4-clipman-plugin for Xfce's Clipman clipboard manager utility, which now offers faster shutdown and paste functionality, are included in Xfce's apps update for May 2021.

Aside from that, the xfce4-screenshooter screen capture utility received a major update that added new features such as the ability to capture windows with or without borders and disable Imgur uploads, as well as the ability to remember the last used extension, the ability to save screenshots according to an extension, the ability to respect window scaling, support for correctly calculating the size of a window, and more.

In other news, the Xfce project has just transitioned to Open Collective for financial contributions, and three students have been accepted into GSoC (Google Summer of Code) 2021, two of which are working on improving the Thunar file manager.