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Your Phone App Make Android app more realistic with latest Windows 10 update 

Microsoft is lately focusing on its UI making it more user friendly by loading Windows with multiple updates one such amazing upcoming update is making " Your Phone App" in Windows 10 making it more natural and handy. Meanwhile Microsoft plan to retire Control Panel in Windows 10.

Your phone app in Windows is a tool for Android users which comes with multiple features the app was just launched as a support software for mobile devices but turned out to be more useful with every new update it's been loaded with

In fact, your phone app has enabled its users with many Android apps while including screen sharing with its newest update you can stream via the streaming support which allows you to run Android app over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Your Phone App Make Android app more realistic

This was previously on the Limited Samsung smartphones but now Microsoft ingenious is working and make it better with every new update, recently the news is being confirmed that the future updates will be loaded with more multiple updates like it will enable the user resizing the screen for apps on Windows because currently when we open the apps they opened in full-size portrait view and making us launch some apps in full-size screen too.

In order to use this future, you have to own a flagship Samsung phone or your PC with modern Bluetooth features and if you don't own either of the ones you won't be able to run the Android feature on your Windows 10.