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YouTube Is Back After Worldwide Outage of About 2 Hours

Despite going through a worldwide blackout, YouTube is up and running again. Other similar services, including YouTube TV and Google TV (formerly Google Play Movies and TV), also seem to have been impacted by unintentional downtime.

In a tweet posted around 5.30 am IST on November 12, YouTube acknowledged the problem, saying that the team was working on a patch. A few minutes earlier, users had begun complaining about the problem. The outage seems to have lasted until IST 7.40, around the time when YouTube tweeted to let users know that it was resolved.

A website that tracks internet outages globally and through social media channels,, showed nearly 286,000 user reports highlighting the problem. Around 6 am IST when the Down Detector graph had peaked with YouTube complaints, this was noted. The problem began about 6:53 pm ET (5:23 am IST), according to the website, with users reporting that they were having trouble viewing videos on the platform.

YouTube told users that some two hours later, in a tweet, its services were back up, saying that the services were patched across all devices and YouTube services. The update, however, was without any clarity as to what had triggered the outage.

According to the reports, the YouTube website could load just fine, however, the videos did not stream as they should and continued to display the loading wheel for up to a minute before throwing a playback error. Furthermore, the reports claimed that after YouTube told users on Twitter that its services were patched, all error messages could be cleared with a simple refresh.