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YouTube is working on Timestamp Button For Video Comments

The most popular video streaming platform, Youtube is working on a new feature that can enhance time stamp tagging in the video comments section. Similar media streaming platform such as Soundcloud already has a feature where users can see timestamps embed comments throughout the playback of a song. It is useful, as it provides a context where some users have posted any comment during the playback. This nifty feature can enhance the overall user experience to connect with the content more.

At this moment Youtube does allows its users to manually add a timestamp in the Youtube comment section to tag a specific moment or spotlight some portion of the video. But users face difficulty to interact with such comment posted by other users. This is why the company seems to test a timestamp button feature allowing users to drop comments at that exact point during the playback of the video.

The video streaming gaint states, “We’re testing out an easier way to add a video timestamp tied to the exact moment you’re watching when commenting on a video. People in the experiment will see a new icon as they’re writing a comment that they can tap to automatically add the current time of the video (without having to manually enter it themselves!).”

Moreover, Youtube has recently introduced several new features like Simplified Video Quality Controls, Including Settings for Wi-Fi and Mobile Data Streaming or using AI to automatically generate chapter in the video. Youtube also change its policy to Run Ads on Videos by Small Creators, Without Offering Revenue Share.