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Zoom to Temporarily Lift Fourty-Minute Meeting Limit on Thanksgiving Day

Zoom has said it will remove its usual forty-minute limit on Thanksgiving Day video calls to make it easier for families to virtually spend time on the US holiday. From midnight on Thanksgiving Day (November 26th) to 6 am ET (4:30 pm IST) on November 27, the elimination of the forty-minute cap for Zoom meetings will be in place.

In an announcement on Twitter, the forty-minute cap on Zoom will be removed globally, the company said. For Thanksgiving Day, temporary relaxation will be put in place "so that your family reunions do not get cut short," read the post.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the forty-minute time limit has been a significant constraint on the network, which requires teams to resume calls after the specified time.

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Similar limits have been implemented by many of Zoom's rivals, including Google Meet (60-minute cap) and all suppliers charge extra for enterprise-grade plans that abolish the limit and extend the number of allowed participants.

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom shot to instant fame. The company reports that it already has close to 300 million users as their workers have been asked by offices around the world to operate from home to reduce coronavirus spread.